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Wario's Woods - Super Nintendo, 1994

bombing babies for fun

have 10 other games to beat

just one more round

80 rounds later

1 more...
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Sonic Colors - Nintendo Wii, 2010

Sonic Team & co. put Sonic the Hedgehog 4 out on the virtual download services for all three consoles earlier this year. Hype it up mad hard. All the advertising, publicity and exposure is focusing on the sequel to one of the last good games, Sonic 3. TOO BAD IT WAS KINDA CRAPPY.

Oh? But what about Sonic Colors? Lol, that's for kids. Just a little side thing. Nothing real major. Get Sonic 4, guys.

>aim for children's market
>does shit right

You know why this game is underrated (to some degree) though, right? People've been burned too long to care anymore. It's "just another one'a those..." (why yes I am still scarred by the atrocities that were Sonic Heroes and 2006 *shudder*)

But. Guys. Really. Serious. It's finally broken. After 7 years. Seven years. It took them seven years and some change to fix this ish. AND YO, DON'T EVEN TOUCH UNLEASHED, another one of my favorite Sonic games that people didn't like for some stupid reason?! It was fuckin' great, people. Fans just kept arbitrarily bitching about the nighttime stages--kinda of how people just complain about how "annoying" Navi was in Ocarina of Time. Wasn't that big of a deal. NO but God of War is "epic" and "amazing" ldkjfkldfj Werehog Sonic has more combos than Kratos, bro.


I kept lighting up everytime I discovered teeny little stuff here and there about why I love Colors, though. I think it overtook the Sonic 3 & Knuckles spot for my favorite Sonic game ever, now. (Sorry, Sandopolis was against you...) The Wisps aren't even overbearing, using them is perfectly fine! And Japanese Kamen Rider W Gaia Memory announcer does the Wisp calls? FFFFFFU

I can't even begin to count the many ways this game is It's genuinely fun. And it has none'a that grimdark-getting-rezzed-by-a-girl-wielding-AK-47s-bullshit. It's just. Fun. I will admit, at first I was apathetic because of the aforementioned Sonic Cycle. Then I was skeptical. (What is this, Super Mario Galaxy?) But my bro insisted we try it.


I just--the soundtrack, the graphics, the COLORS, the one-liners, the innocence, the simplicity, the physics the dkljflkdj RRAGHHHGH it's like I'm 12 all over again, I love yoooou Sonic you're so cool

why the frig aren't more of my friends playing this game

I know there are much better choices out there for "underrated games" out there. I know this. Countless times I've thoroughly enjoyed a game in my day and went, "MAN this game is underrated!" But you know what? IT IS WHAT IT IS don't judge me

Don't say shit about Colors. Haters gonna hate, etc
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Luigi (Super Mario Bros.)

What can I say? The second the banana. The shadow. The Green Thunder. The Green Guy. ZA WARUDO. Mama Luigi. Mr. L.

I cleared Super Mario Galaxy 2 in a single week, in its entirety (all 121 stars), from the moment I first picked it up just to be able to play as mah dawg.

You bet I ALWAYS grabbed the second controller when we're going to play a bros. game. Since day 2.

Mario Kart 64 came out and I was late to the game--picked up Luigi, first try, wiped the whole house.

Haters be hatin', but yet you're always still so cool. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

So what if you're a big ol' weenie? And have a fear of ghosts? And jump like a retarded baby bird trying to learn how to fly?

Luigi, you've always been fab, and you never fail me. ♥


spoilers: i know i haven't been updating, i'm terribad dawgs
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Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt - NES, 1985

I remember this day ever so clearly, despite me being such a young babby. It definitely isn't my earliest memory, but was a sunny summer afternoon in 1990. My aunt and uncle were the gaming nerds up in the house and they decided "HEY LET'S GO GRAB AN NES ON SALE FROM THE WIZ" and we were like "'k" (does anyone even remember what that store was anymore?! jesus i'm old). I can tell you they were more excited about it than me and my cousin were. They brought it home, unpacked it, set it up, and once the "choose your game" screen came, it was my choice. I promptly wanted to try SMB first because I loved the SUPA MARIO BRUDDUHS SUPA SHOW (spoilers: when the movie came out I was just as excited akljdlksj)

All I remember was ragequitting in World 2-2 because those muthafuckin' Bloopers I just got over those Goombas hnrhghhhgh. I was done. SCREW THIS GAME. TIME FOR THE ZAPPER. Innovative super-futuristic guns you can AIM AT THE TV? SIGN ME UP--fuck what is this

Duck Hunt immediately made me ragecry because that dog was such a dickhole and MAN did I hate that pink sky with the "FLY AWAY" AUUUGH MY SELF-ESTEEM so what if i can't shoot ducks proper how dare you laugh at me you cunt - way to make me feel inadequate about life alkrjejhglr

We later discovered there was a much more palatable clay shooter which was less animal abusive and less ego-ruining. I liked that one better (even though I still wasn't any good at it -3-) And it made me feel good, man.

You betchyer booty I returned to Super Mario Bros., though. As you'll see later, it became a staple in my life.

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